On behalf of Municipal Council and the team of employees, I would like to welcome you to the website for the Municipality of Val Rita-Harty. Together, we work for continued community wellness, and this begins with a good dissemination of local information via a user-friendly medium.

With over 800 people living in close proximity to the town of Kapuskasing, life in Val Rita-Harty means enjoying the outdoors year-round on its 380 square km of territory. We find several lakes; a river; a rest area for travellers; a beautiful library stacked full of treasures; two multi-purpose community centres; several clubs; and an extraordinary outdoor rink. People get involved here, bring their ideas and give their time to improve the quality of life for all residents.

In our town, we feel a tranquility that is both reassuring and comforting. Our citizens are proud to live here. We are pleased to note that a large number of new families have chosen Val Rita-Harty as their home. We strive to develop a sense of belonging that will solidify the ties that bind us all.

The doors at town hall are wide open and rest assured that your involvement is the guarantee of a healthy and vibrant community.

It will be a pleasure to serve you!

This is a photo of Mayor Johanne Baril, Val Rita-Harty

Johanne Baril