It is our people who make us special, who set us apart from the common place. From different backgrounds and beliefs, our founders came together and created a place that offers a superior quality of life.

Our residents have the opportunities for nature appreciation, leisure time, employment and other activities that give Val Rita-Harty that special live-well feeling.


During your passage on Highway 11, you will definitely notice two little charming villages that are spread on a distance of 20 kilometers.

Val Rita is situated 10 km West of Kapuskasing and the village of Harty is situated 10 km West of Val Rita. The two communities were incorporated in 1973 and currently have a population of approximately 762 residents.

The communities are part of a region that sets itself apart with its dynamic landscape and climate. Summers are mainly hot and dry, which makes ATV rides really pleasant. While winters are cold, they are also dry and usually sunny, which is ideal for snowmobiling.

You will find many dense forests and vast open spaces. We invite you to explore our website in order to find out more about us!