Val Rita-Harty is located in Northeastern Ontario in the District of Cochrane. The people and the location of the community provide essential ingredients to foster business growth.

Located along a major highway and rail system, it is a bedroom community to Kapuskasing with affordable, low cost housing in a safe community. With building space and land available to welcome new businesses, Val Rita-Harty offers the potential of being a “hub” for entrepreneurs and business headquarters that are looking to be centrally located in the Northeastern part of Ontario.

As part of a Community Incentive Plan, the Municipality of Val-Rita Harty provides incentives to businesses that are interested in setting up in the buildings and space available for the operation of new business, as well as existing local businesses looking to expand.

The advantages of investing in this community are abundant. The assets are diverse; the workforce is bilingual; the proximity to amenities as well as transportation; and the existing industry that has set the stage and defined the community as an ideal location for families and businesses alike.

Top 10 reasons to launch your business in Val Rita-Harty

  • Available community business incentives
  • Low housing prices and low commute times
  • Access to an existing bilingual skilled workforce
  • Progressive municipal leadership and EDC
  • Competitive property tax rates
  • Abundance of recreational and leisure activities
  • Federal and provincial support for business start-ups
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure
  • Competitive provincial and federal corporate tax rates
  • Strategically located in Northeastern Ontario


Community Profile

Bianca Gadoury
Economic & Community Development Officer