Municipality of Val Rita-Harty

Ontario, Canada


Date of DeathNameMaiden NameFirst NameLotSteleAhesHusband, Wife, ChildrenPhoto
July 9, 1936MarchandLouisA1-2
September 5, 1936BoulianneThomas3A-5Husband of Lucia Goudreault
August 19, 1937DuretteBébé?Child of Alphonse Durette
September 22, 1937DesbiensBébéA1-6Child of Albert Desbiens
November 26, 1937MichaudLucienne2G-4Child of Lucien Michaud and Laura Beauvais
April 12, 1938DeslauriersJosephA1-24Child of Prosper Deslauriers and Jeannette Charboneau
January 15, 1939OuimetteBébé1C-1&2Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
January 21, 1939OuimetteMarie Alice Jacqueline1C-1&2Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
August 30, 1939DesbiensBébé1A-6Child of Albert Desbiens
November 19, 1939MorinJoseph1B-1&2Child of Henri Morin and Marie Louise Michaud
February 1, 1940BeauvaisElidore3C-4Husband of Fidélia Labelle
July 14, 1940LoiselleAlexandre2E-6Husband of Marie Louise Lachance
November 4, 1940BoulianneDufourEva3A-8Wife of Pascal Boulianne
January 22, 1941LaplanteMarieA1-9Child of Yvonne Laplante
May 21, 1941LepageMarcel1A-1&2Child of Germain Lepage and Julienne Keable
June 16, 1941JettéJustien1D-1&2Child of Camille Jetté and Marie Beauvais
January 4, 1942TourignyJocelyn1D-3&4Child of Rosaire Tourigny
January 13, 1942DesbiensAlbert2E-10Husband of Irène Morin
January 18, 1942MynerFabien3A-12Husband of Emma Bessette
May 16, 1942BeauvaisLéo3C-5Child of Anatole Beauvais and Marie Rose Jetté
July 20, 1942MichaudJoseph France Lucien2G-3Child of Lucien Michaud
November 1, 1942DaoustLucien3C-9Husband of Simone Prévost
October 11, 1943OuimetteMarie2G-7Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
October 25, 1943DeslauriersJoséphine2E-11Child of Rodolphe Deslauriers and Juliette Desbiens
October 29, 1943DeslauriersDesbiensJuliette2E-11Wife of Rodolphe Deslauriers
January 29, 1944LandryEugène2E-12Son of Arthur Landry and Edmiré Duguay
April 15, 1944RousseauExilda Desneiges1G-4Child of Ephrem Rousseau and Léa Beauvais
July 1, 1944AubinAndré Jean-Guy?Child of Eldège Aubin
September 8, 1944OuimetteMarcel2G-6Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
September 14, 1944RousseauPalma1G-6Child of Ephrem Rousseau and Léa Beauvais
November 14, 1944PrévostPatrice3C-11Husband of Agnès Mallette
January 25, 1945DuguayPhilippe2G-10Husband of Marie Louise St Coeur
March 3, 1945BourgelasLiliane2G-12Child of Lucien Bourgelas and Blanche Riopel
March 10, 1945OuimetteJosephA1-15Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
March 13, 1945AudetJoseph2G-2Child of Calixte Audet
April 6, 1945MynerBessetteEmma3A-13Wife of late François Myner
April 12, 1945LoiselleLachanceMarie Louise2E-05Wife of Alexandre Loiselle
May 20, 1945BeaulieuFrançois Joseph2D-2Husband of Alphonsine Sirois
October 24, 1945RousseauFernande1G-6Child of Ephrem Rousseau and Léa Beauvais
February 10, 1946LajoieVictor3B-2Husband of Bertha Martel
February 17, 1946MartelMartineauSophie3B-1Wife of Théophile Martel
June 8, 1946BourgeoisBironJuliette2F-2Wife of Azarias Bourgeois
April 3, 1947JettéDenis1E-1&2Child of Félicien Jetté and Angeline
April 25, 1947PrévostJoseph3C-6Child of Gilbert Provost
April 30, 1947BeauvaisJean Paul3C-6Child of Anatole Beauvais and Marie Rose Jetté
June 8, 1947OuimetteBébéA1-14Child of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
June 19, 1947DesrochersLadouceurAlexandrine3B-12Wife of Rémi Desrochers
July 16, 1947MichaudEléonore2G-5Child of Lucien Michaud
April 21, 1948BoulianneGoudreaultMarie Lucia3A-6Wife of late Thomas Boulianne
April 24, 1948CulbertDianeA1-5Child of Edouard Culbert
December 14, 1947BourgeoisMaurice2F-2Child of Laurent Bourgeois and Thérèse Lessard
July 13, 1948BouliannePascal3A-9Husband of Eva Dufour
August 5, 1948BlaisAmbroise2B-16
August 21, 1948MichaudEdouard2D-5Son of Emile Michaud
August 25, 1948MorinDolor2D-6Son of Henri Morin and Marie Louise Michaud
December 15, 1948CarrièreFrance2D-7Husband of Emilie Beauvais
April 29, 1949BeauvaisMauriceChild of Ovila Beauvais
October 3, 1949McLaughlinJoseph2D-3Child of Gilbert McLaughlin and Jeanne D'Arc Michaud
March 4, 1950JettéBeauvaisMarie3C-3Wife of Camille Jetté
March 30, 1950MorinMaltaisAlphéda2C-4Wife of Ernest Morin
May 8, 1950DumaisDebletteMarie LouiseWife of Emile Dumais
June 23, 1950MichaudBlanche2G-1Child of Lucien Michaud
November 19, 1950GallantJacques2B-1Child of François Gallant and Cécile Dubé
November 30, 1950MorinMarie RoxanneChild of Henri Morin and Marie Louise Michaud
February 22, 1951HébertFélicienA1-7Child of Fidèle Hébert
April 2, 1951BeauvaisJean-Claude3C-4Child of Anatole Beauvais Marie Rose Jetté
April 4, 1951PrévostPatricia3C-10Child of Patrick Prévost and Joséphine Lajeunesse
April 15, 1951MarienRose-Aimée2D-8Child of Léo Marien
May 21, 1951CauchonFrançois2B-4Husband of Blanche Deslauriers Boulianne
June 18, 1951JettéAntoine2F-4Husband of Délima St Jean
December 20, 1951LessardLoiselleZélinda2E-7Wife of Alfred Lessard Sr.
January 23, 1951RousseauBébé1G-7Children of Ephrem Rousseau and Léa Beauvais
March 15, 1952CarrièreIrène2D-7Child of Noël Carrière
June 21, 1952PrévostMichel3C-10Son of Ernest Prévost and Idebel Commings
June 29, 1952BourgelasMarie2G-12Child of Léon Bourgelas and Bertha Duguay
September 26, 1952MichaudBeauvaisNoëlla3B-4Wife of Joseph Michaud
May 15, 1953LaroucheMarcel2A-2Child of François Xavier Larouche and Stella Thibeault
June 17, 1953MichaudRené3B-3Child of Joseph Michaud
July 27, 1953CarrièreDonald2D-10Child of Louis Lorenzo et Alma Carrière
July 29, 1953GallantHenri2B-3Husband of Berthe Ouimette
December 28, 1953JettéCarrièreDélia2E-13Wife of Jean-Baptiste Jetté
March 30, 1954RousseauJ. Moïse Léopold1G-8Children of Ephrem Rousseau and Léa Beauvais
July 1, 1954BourgeoisMarie Jocelyne2F-1Child of Laurent Bourgeois and Thérèse Lessard
September 23, 1954CarrièreAnge-Aimé1F-9Child of Henri Carrière and Éliana Beauvais
January 8, 1955OuimetteWilliam2F-6Husband of Noëlla Jetté
August 31, 1955DeslauriersJoseph2B-10Son of Toussaint Deslauriers and Marie Louise Poliquin
October 4, 1955JettéJean-Baptiste2E-13Husband of late Délia Carrière
November 3, 1955FortinSavardEvanna2A-4Wife of Ulric Fortin
December 5, 1955RiopelVincentRose Alma2A-7Wife of Maxime Riopel
January 11, 1956DutrisacJosephat2A-12Husband of Anna Trudel
January 30, 1956LepageGermain2A-10Husband of Julienne Keable
February 16, 1957MichaudMarie2F-3Child of Lucien Michaud and Laura Beauvais
June 10, 1957MichaudEmile2D-5Husband of Marie Gaudreault
July 17, 1957DeslauriersStanislas2B-8Husband of Louisa Beaudoin
September 21, 1957PelletierBeauvaisOlivina2F-8Wife of William Pelletier
September 21, 1957BeauvaisBébé1F-3Child of Elie Beauvais and
October 8, 1957GervaisGérard2F-9Husband of Irène Girardin
December 26, 1957CarrièreLauréane1F-7Child of Henri Carrière and Éliana Beauvais
February 6, 1958ChevalierBébéA1-8Child of Robert Chevalier and Dolorèse Bouchard
April 29, 1958FortinBébé2A-3Child of Laurent Fortin and Marie Louise Fortin
May 11, 1958ThiffaultDenis1G-11Child of Gérard Thiffault and Germaine Brière
June 26, 1958DesrochersRémi3B-13Husband of Alexandrine Ladouceur
September 25, 1958DeslauriersBébé2B-12Child of Jean Paul Deslauriers and Alberte Fortin
October 1, 1958DeslauriersFortinAlberte2B-12Wife of Jean Paul Deslauriers
December 10, 1958BeauvaisBébé1F-3Child of Elie Beauvais
February 24, 1959CarrièreDenis2F-5 Child of Wilfrid Carrière and Matilda Beauvais
February 25, 1959MorinHenri2D-7Husband of Marie Louise Michaud
May 5, 1959DeslauriersBeaudoinLouisa2B-7Wife of Stanislas Deslauriers
June 11, 1959McIntoshJanice3B-14Child of Allan McIntosh and Réjeanne Aubin
January 2, 1960RiopelMaxime2A-8Husband of late Rose Alma Vincent
February 23, 1960PrévostPatrick3C-11Husband of late Joséphine Lajeunesse
February 27, 1960BouliannePatrick3A-7Son of Thomas Bouliane and Marie Lucille Gaudreault
June 22, 1960McLaughlinAlexandre3C-16Husband of Marie Anne Haché
October 22, 1960St-LouisPierreHusband of Simone Dutrisac
November 28, 1960CarrièreBeauvaisÉmilie2D-9Wife of France Carrière
February 5, 1961CarrièreMarie Alma Laurette1F-8Child of Henri Carrière and Éliana Beauvais
April 25, 1961FortinDominique2A-6Child of Arthur Fortin and Clémence Michaud
June 6, 1961RochonJoseph1A-16Child of Claude Rochon and Yvette Fortin
June 8, 1961FortinYvon3D-12Child of Edouard Fortin et Laurette Henry
October 13, 1961BabichJohn3D-7Husband of Annie Ustay
February 12, 1962BeauvaisAdélard1F-11Husband of Alexina Labelle
March 23, 1962LoubierWilfridA1-11Husband of late Amanda Blanchette
May 22, 1962CôtéPhilippeA1-10
November 30, 1962BourgelasRiopelBlanche2G-13Wife of Lucien Bourgelas
December 13, 1962St-LouisGilbert3D-14Husband of Corinne Racicot
December 22, 1962DufresneVictor3F-15Son of Philippe Dufresne
January 7, 1963LepageSylvain1-3&4Husband of Aurore Laurin
January 12, 1963MartelJacqueline Francine2B-4Child of Paul Martel and Gisèle Deslauriers
January 28, 1963BourgelasLucien2G-14Husband of Blanche Riopel
February 18, 1963CulbertNicole3E-12Child of Edouard Culbert
June 25, 1963BeauvaisNapoléon3C-2
December 18, 1963OuimetteJettéBlanche2G-8Husband of Aimé Ouimette
April 30, 1964BourgeoisJoseph2F-1Son of Laurier Bourgeois and Nicole Robitaille
October 22, 1964LessardArmand2E-03Son of Alfred Lessard and
April 24, 1965DuchesneBensonIsabelle3A-10Wife of Léo Duchesne
May 24, 1965VerreaultBébéA1-18Child of Louis Verreault and
June 22, 1965DesbiensNormandA1-17Child of Léon-Georges Desbiens and Noëlla Dubosq
October 5, 1965OuimetteAimé2G-9Husband of late Blanche Jetté
November 6, 1965CarrièreAndré2D-11Child of Anatole Carrière and Alice Gendron
February 15, 1966MorinErnest2C-3Husband of Alphéda Maltais
February 19, 1966LaroucheThibeaultStella2A-1Wife of François Xavier Larouche
February 23, 1966CarrièreMarie2D-12Child of Anatole Carrière and Alice Gendron
March 23, 1966LessardLauréat2E-02Son of Alfred Lessard Sr. And
May 7, 1966MichaudMaurice1F-12Son of Lucien Michaud and Laura Beauvais
May 9, 1966CarrièreRichard2D-12Child of Rhéo Carrière and
September 6, 1966LessardAlfred Sr2E-08Husband of late Zélinda Loiselle
October 7, 1966BrièreSt JeanMarguerite1G-13Wife of Jean Baptiste Brière
November 10, 1966BourgeoisBruno2F-2Husband of Yolande Trépanier
January 28, 1967JettéPascal3E-10Husband of Virginie Boisvenue
April 12, 1967BlouinDuchesneDelya3E-07Wife of Albert Blouin
June 26, 1967TachéMaurice2E-01Son of late Albert Taché and Bertha Imbeault
July 26, 1967 DutrisacTrudelAnna2A-13Wife of Josephat Dutrisac
September 4, 1967PerrasFortierJacqueline3A-1Wife of Albert Perras
September 4, 1967PerrasAnnette3A-1Child of Albert Perras and Jacqueline Fortier
January 5, 1968ThiffeaultNicole1G-12Child of Gérard Thiffeault and Germaine Brière
May 27, 1968McLaughlinHachezMarie-Anna3C-15Wife of late Alexandre McLaughlin
November 21, 1968DesbiensDesgagnéAdélia3A-4Wife of Armand Desbiens
December 27, 1968TremblayEdmond-Louis1A-4Husband of Béatrice Desbiens
June 22, 1969GinsSylvainA1-13Child of Roger Gins and Pauline Chabot
September 3, 1969GallantFrançois J.2B-2Husband of Cécile Dubé
October 9, 1969AsselinJean Baptiste3F-9
November 15, 1969MichaudLucienne1F-13Children of Gérard Michaud and Fernande Lamothe
December 20, 1969PelletierBébé3E-11Child of Roger Pelletier (Gilbert)
February 22, 1970DuchesneLéo3A-11Husband of Isabelle Benson
March 20, 1970FortinUlric2A-5Husband of late Evanna Savard
April 30, 1970LalondeClément3F-1Child of Vincent Lalonde and Fernande Bergeron
December 26, 1970HébertJoseph GérardA1-21Child of Léonard Hébert and Hélène Tremblay
December 26, 1970HébertJoseph GéraldA1-20Child of Léonard Hévert et Hélène Tremblay
January 31, 1971RobitailleTonieA1-19Child of Roger Robitaille and Ginette Rouleau
July 25, 1971BrièreJean Baptiste1G-14Husband of Marguerite St-Jean
July 30, 1971LoiselleHenri-Louis2E-15Husband of Annette David
January 20, 1972BlouinAlbert3E-08Husband of Delya Duchesne
January 31, 1972MichaudRachelleA1-22
March 14, 1972MarchandAldé VictorA1-1Husband of Noëlla Lessard
July 6, 1972LepageKeableJulienne2A-11Wife of Germain Lepage
February 13, 1973TrépanierErnest2A-14Husband of late Robertine Bellavance
March 24, 1973CarrièreRousseauGeorgiana2D-13Wife of Francis Carrière
May 5, 1973LessardAlfred Jr.2E-04Son of Alfred Lessard Sr.
May 24, 1973BouchardFortinRachelle3F-2Daughter of Ulric Fortin and Evana Savard
April 1, 1974DutrisacConrad3F-4
May 16, 1974St-LouisErnest3D-15Son of Gilbert St-Louis and Corinne Racicot
September 1, 1974PlourdeBébéA1-23Child of Roméo Plourde and Lauréane
October 22, 1974LoiselleDavidAnnette2E-16Wife of Henri Louis Loiselle
December 3, 1974CarrièreRéal3F-6Son of Wilfrid Carrière and Matilda Beauvais
June 8, 1975MartelYvon3F-7Son of Paul Martel and Gisèle Deslauriers
October 11, 1975FortinAimé3D-2Husband of Letitia Martel
October 15, 1976MichaudBeauvaisLaura1F-14Wife of Lucien Michaud
May 31, 1977BarilArthur3F-11Husband of Lucia Boulianne
November 27, 1977LachanceNormand3F-10Son of Gérard Lachance and Germaine Carrier
December 2, 1977MorinErnestV-10Husband of Hélèna Michaud
June 20, 1978TachéPhilippe2D-1Son of Albert Taché and of Bertha Imbeault
September 3, 1978CarrièreJosaphatI-1Husband of Alma Carrière
November 9, 1978BourgeoisAzarias2F-2Husband of late Juliette Biron
January 6, 1979TremblayLéonceA-1Husband of Cécile Desbiens
January 6, 1979TremblayDesbiensCécileA-2Wife of Léonce Tremblay
January 13, 1979MaillouxHubert2C-1Husban of Déneige
April 14, 1979PrévostDonaldA-3Son of Ernest Prévost and Idebel Commings
September 3, 1979LalondeVincentA-4Husband of Fernande Bergeron
November 4, 1979PrévostCommingsIdebelB-1Wife of Ernest Prévost
March 10, 1980CrawfordRobertC-1
April 9, 1980TherrienCayouetteAnna-MarieB-3Wife of Théodore Therrien
May 12, 1981DeslauriersJacques2B-11Husband of Marguerite Loiselle
September 13, 1981BeauvaisGhislain1F-4
January 11, 1982DesbiensDutrisacSimoneWife of Gabriel Desbiens
July 28, 1982AdhumeauLandryFloridaB-6Wife of René Adhumeau
August 18, 1982PerrasFrankN-1Husband of Yvonne Grenier
September 15, 1982MonetteLabelleAlexina1F-10Wife of Armand Monette
October 7, 1982DeslauriersWilfridH-2Son of Stanislas Deslaurier and Louisa Beaudoin
October 24, 1982MichaudLucien1F-15Husband of late Laura Beauvais
December 26, 1982PoliquinAliceH-1Daughter of François EX Poliquin and Marie Louise Tremblay
January 20, 1983TherrienThéodoreB-4Husband of late Anne Marie Cayouette
January 29, 1983CaronArthurC-6
February 14, 1983PrévostErnestB-2Husband of late Idebel Commings
July 30, 1983CarrièreLouis Lorenzo2D-16Husband of Alma Carrière
September 19, 1983AdhumeauRenéB-5Husband of late Florida Landry
November 3, 1983LaroucheMélanie 2A-1Daughter of Julie Larouche
January 17, 1984DeslauriersJean-PaulH-3Husband of late Alberte Fortin
February 29, 1984JettéBoisvenueVirginieC-5Wife of late Pascal Jetté
December 31, 1984TremblayVictorD-1Husband of Simone Germain
May 21, 1985LessardAmableE-1Son of Alfred Lessard Sr. and Zélinda Loiselle
July 15, 1985CarrièreSylvioI-3Husband of Lise Payant
October 11, 1985TremblayMartineA1-4 Daughter of Yvan Tremblay and Juliette Lachance
December 4, 1985BélairLabrecqueMarieD-3Wife of Lucien Bélair
May 18, 1986MarchandLessardNoëllaE-2Wife of late Aldé Marchand
May 18, 1986TremblayPaul-EmileK-3Husband of Suzie Tremblay
May 18, 1986LaroucheRogerF-1Father of Eric Larouche
July 26, 1986BabichUstayAnnieR-1Wife of late John Babich
February 18, 1987LaroucheGilles2A-1Son of François Xavier Larouche and Stella Thibeault
May 21, 1987FortinEdouardR-3Husband of Laurette Henri
July 16, 1987RousseauEphrem1F-5Husband of Léa Beauvais
February 27, 1988CarrièreJosaphat Rayo (Joey)I-4Son of Rayo Carrière and Pierrette
March 14, 1988ThiffeaultBrièreGermaine1G-16Wife of Gérard Thiffeault
April 15, 1988TremblayGermainSimoneD-2Wife of Late Victor Tremblay
April 22, 1988MichaudGaudreaultMarie2D-4Wife of Emile Michaud
June 1, 1988CarrièreFrancis2D-14Husband of Georgiana Rousseau
December 6, 1988LebretonJean-BaptisteE-3
December 23, 1988CarrièreLéoC-3Husband of Muriel Pavanoff
March 6, 1989DeslauriersLucH-4Husband of Lucette Bernard
May 5, 1989BoulianneDeslauriersBlanche2B-5Wife of François Cauchon and Jos Boulianne
July 4, 1989St-LouisLucienD-5Husband of Marie Louise Canzano
July 22, 1989CarrièreLaurier1F-6Husband of Barbara Stephanson
August 1, 1989MartelRaoulM-1Husband of Lucille Chevalier
September 3, 1989DeslauriersOmer GeorgesH-5Son of Stanislas Deslaurier et Louisa Beaudoin
November 19, 1989OuimetteJettéNoëlla2F-7Wife of Late William Ouimette
December 18, 1989PrévostGoudreaultJulienneG-1Wife of René Prevost
March 5, 1990DeslauriersToussaintH-6Husband of Marie Louise Poliquin
April 18, 1990BourgeoisLessardThérèseJ-6Wife of Laurent Bourgeois
July 19, 1990BeauvaisArthur1A-8Husband of Thérèse Brière
July 28, 1990BeauvaisEmileU-11Husband of Claire Alice Bourgeois
October 17, 1990MonetteArmand1A-7Husband of late Alexina Beauvais
October 31, 1991DeslauriersMaurice2B-6 Son of Stanislas Deslauriers and Louisa Beaudoin
November 10, 1991Lambert, TachéImbeaultBerthaE-4Wife of late Albert Taché
January 23, 1992Robitaille HectorU-9Husband of Suzanne Savard
June 4, 1992DagenaisLorenzoV-8Husband of Pierrette Blouin
February 6, 1993ChevalierClémentN-3Son of Maurice Chevalier and Monique Perras
April 15, 1993BourgelasDuguayBerthaM-3Wife of Léon Bourgelas
December 10, 1993BoulianneAristideL-1Husband of Jeannine St-Amour
January 25, 1994LeSauxRenéT-7Husband of 1e Blanche Parent, 2e Antoinette Bélisle
April 27, 1994MichaudDomina1F-16Husband of Rollande Beauvais
June 16, 1994ChevalierJoseph CyrilleO-3Husband of Corona Perron
August 22, 1994DeslauriersPoliquinMarie LouiseI-6Wife of Late Toussaint Deslauriers
August 23, 1994RousseauBeauvaisLéa1A-4Wife of Ephrèm Rousseau
December 24, 1994BourgeoisLaurentJ-5Husband of late Thérèse Lessard
June 4, 1995MoffetteLucienU-1Husband of Victoria Rousseau
June 17, 1995FortinMichaudClémenceU-3Wife of Arthur Fortin
September 22, 1995ChevalierPerrasMoniqueN-4Wife of Maurice Chevalier
October 2, 1995BrièreCarrièreRose-AlbaV-2Wife of Conrad Brière
October 7, 1995FortinBourgelasRachelleK-6Wife of Renaud Fortin
October 31, 1995DesbiensJean-MarieP-1Husband of Bibianne Landry
3 April 1996ChevalierMauriceN-4Husband of late Monique Perras
April 20, 1996FortinMartelLetitia3D-1Wife of feu Aimé Fortin
May 1, 1996JettéFélicienV-3Husband of Angelina
June 22, 1996VeilleuxDeslauriersCécileY-7Wife of Jean Veilleux
July 31, 1996DoironGéraldZ-7 Husband of Joan Goldrup
September 2, 1996BergeronJean MarieD-6 Husband of Adrienne Bélair
May 9, 1996DeslauriersVictor2B-10Husband of Roma Leybourne
September 10, 1996ChevalierRobertO-5Husband of Dolorés Bouchard
September 25, 1996CarrièreGlorianI-5Husband of Claudette Lepage
October 26, 1996RiouxAndréM-5Husband of Candide Tremblay
December 26, 1996MarchandRolandE-2Son of Aldé Marchand and Noëlla Lessard
February 28, 1997Gallant, GuindonOuimetteBertheV-9Wife of Henri Gallant
March 6, 1997DesbiensArmand3A-3Husband of Adélia Desgagné
May 7, 1997FortinLouis ThomasR-5Husband of Marcella Fortin
May 11, 1997VeilleuxJeanY-8Husband of feue Cécile Deslauriers
December 1, 1997BélairLucienD-4Husband of Marie Labrecque
December 3, 1997BrièreConradV-1Husband of Rose-Alba Carrière
April 1, 1998CarrièreHenri1A-6Husband of Eliana Beauvais
June 10, 1998MartelChevalierLucilleM-2Wife of late Raoul Martel
July 25, 1998PerrasGrenierYvonneN-2Wife of late Frank Perras
July 27, 1998LaroucheDiane2A-2Daughter of Xavier Larouche and Stella Thibeault
August 22, 1998OuimetteBarilCécileY-4Wife of René Ouimette
October 11, 1998BourgelasLessardFlorenceK-2Wife of Gérald Bourgelas
October 21, 1998TremblayMichaelZ-6Son of Maurice Tremblay and Shirley Sonier
October 27, 1998CarrièreRaymondL-6Son of Francis Carrière and Georgiana Rousseau
March 11, 1999Carrière, Garbutt"JasonG-5Husban of Lina Guindon
April 2, 1999CarrièreBilodeauAlmaI-2Wife of late Josaphat Carrière
May 16, 1999Le SauxGilbertT-6Husband of Patricia Goose
June 11, 1999PotvinEdgarY-1Husband of Blandine Tremblay
August 9, 1999SigouinJean LéonZ-3Husband of Patricia Beausoleil
September 30, 1999TousignantPascalQ-1Son of Yvon Tousignant and Hélène Desbiens
November 2, 1999LaroucheGastonF-3Husband of Gisèle Charlebois
November 13, 1999SauvéJean-JacquesLL-11Husband of Diane St-Louis
December 29, 1999BouffardJulieCC-5Daughter of Rémi Bouffard and Ginette Goudreault
February 11, 2000Morin, St-OngeMichaudHélènaV-11Wife of late Ernest Morin
May 19, 2000PellandRenéF-4Husband of Rita Larcher
August 29, 2000DeslauriersPierreNiche-26Son of Toussaint Deslauriers and Marie Louise Poliquin
September 22, 2000BourgelasGillesK-2Son of Gérald Bourgelas and Florance Lessard
October 10, 2000NéronLéopoldO-1Husband of Lina McLaughlin
April 4, 2001MichaudBeauvaisRollande GermaineWife of Domina Michaud
July 21, 2001BilodeauLionelW-1
December 12, 2001OuimetteErnest2G-9Son of Aimé Ouimette and Blanche Jetté
December 16, 2001JauvinDanielV-8Son of Claude Jauvin and Jeannine Dagenais
April 19, 2002ChevalierPerronCoronaO-4Wife of Joseph Cyrille Chevalier
June 18, 2002LaroucheFrançois Xavier2A-2Husband of 1e Stella Thibeault, 2e Adrienne Hudon
October 26, 2002TremblayRosaireD-1Son of Victor Tremblay and Simone Gerrmain
November 3, 2002BourgeoisBébéU-3Baby of Yvon Bourgeois and Hélène Baril
December 26, 2002LepageJean BaptisteE-6Husband of Rachelle Laberge
January 29, 2003BourgeoisBergeronEmélaY-6Wife of Origène Bourgeois
March 27, 2003BergeronBélairAdrienneD-6Wife of Late Jean Marie Bergeron
March 31, 2003CarrièreErnestI-2Son of late Alma Bilodeau and Josephat Carrière
April 15, 2003RousseauGuylainV-2Husband of Lyne Turbide
May 7, 2003LaroucheCharleboisGisèleF-2Wife of late Gaston Larouche
June 11, 2003PerrasDominiqueCC-2Husband of Denise Aubin
August 12, 2003BérubéEugèneDD-2Husband of Lilianne Levasseur
August 17, 2003GarbuttGuindonLinaG-5Wife of Late Jason Carrière/Garbutt
September 29, 2003MorinDenis3F-6Son of Albert Morin and Pierrette Carrière
October 11, 2003ButtAndrewDD-7Children of Anthony Butt and Andrée Dostie
October 31, 2003AubertinMondouxJeannineDD-3Wife of Damas Aubertin
November 6, 2003BrièreAdrienX-4Son of Jean Baptiste Brière and Marguerite St-Jean
November 13, 2003ThiffeaultGérardC-2Husband of Germaine Brière
November 17, 2003FortinArthurU-4Husband of Clémence Michaud
December 5, 2003DutrisacOmerCC-6Husband of Madeleine Trépanier
December 18, 2003CarrièreBeauvaisÉliana1C-5Wife of late Henri Carrière
February 4, 2004FortinAntoineU-5Husband of Gisèle Breton
September 3, 2004BeauvaisNoëlGG-4Husband of Angèle Lacoste
October 2, 2004DutrisacLionelV-6Children of Josephat Dutrisac and Anna Trudel
March 13, 2005MichaudGaetan J.1A-15Husband of Louise Pelletier
May 29, 2005McLaughlinGilbertGG-7Husband of Jeanne d’Arc Michaud
November 7, 2005BrièreRolandX-5Husband of Aurore Michaud
December 17 2005MarchandJean-ClaudeE-2Husband of Ghislaine Lepage
January 25, 2006BourgeoisTaurangeauClaireGG-2Wife of Rhéo Bourgeois
February 7, 2006CarrièreHectorX-1Son of Éliana Beauvais and Henri Carrière
March 4, 2006MarchandLepageGhislaineE-2Wife of late Jean-Claude Marchand
March 14, 2006BourgeoisAlainGG-2Son of late Claire Taurangeau and Rhéo Bourgeois
June 17, 2006LalondeBergeronFernande5-AWife of late Vincent Lalonde
June 21, 2006LepageLabergeRachelle5-EWife of late Jean Baptiste Lepage
August 28, 2006ParentJeanJ-3Husband of Muriel Bourgeois
September 19, 2006PitreYvonNiche-16Husband of Hélène Laberge
October 1, 2006BourgelasLéonM-3Husband of feue Bertha Duguay
October 2, 2006BouchardRaymondHH-4Husband of Thérèse Turcotte
January 23, 2007BourgelasGéraldK-2Husband of feue Florence Lessard
January 23, 2007BoulianneSt-AmourJeannineL-1Wife of late Aristide Boulianne
February 3, 2007BrunetTherrienGertrudeGG-2Wife of Arthur Brunet
May 2, 2007BélairClaudeD-4Children of Lucien Bélair and Marie Labrecque
May 31, 2007BarilBoulianneLucia3F-12Wife of late Arthur Baril
August 22, 2007JettéAlbertV-3Son of Félicien Jetté and Angelina
November 15, 2007CarrièreNoëlL-5Son of Françis Carrière and Goergiana Rousseau
January 31, 2008CarrièreZygmuntMary JaneF-6Wife of Émile Carrière
April 25, 2008McIntoshAubinRéjeanne3b - 14 XWife of Allan McIntosh
May 13, 2008MichaudGérardX-7Husband of Fernande Lamothe
May 29, 2008CarrièreLouisHH-7Husband of Clercie Dubosq
June 8, 2008RobitailleSavardSuzanneU-8Wife of late and Hector Robitaille
June 19, 2008DeslauriersGérardNiche-21Husband of Ghislaine Morin
July 8, 2008RobergeBourgelasLina2G-13Wife of Raymond Roberge
August 2, 2008DoironGoldrupJoanZ-7Wife of late Gérald Doiron
November 17, 2008MarchandRéginaldM-6Husband of Louisette Taché
February 5, 2008FortinRaymond ErnestR-4Husband of Denise Tourigny
February 27, 2009Bourgeois OrigèneY-5Husband of late Eméla Bergeron
February 19, 2009LozierAugustinNiche 8Husband of Rita Fortin
June 12, 2009BarilJeffreyY-4Son of Armand Baril and Estelle Bernard
June 24, 2009ChevalierBissonFleuretteP-4Wife of Roland Chevalier
March 11, 2010PitreDoucetJeannetteNiche-17xWife of Henri Pitre
June 29, 2010JeanCharlesZ-5Husband of Denise Duguay
January 21, 2011BourgeoisAbelNiche-9Husband of Georgette Levesque
May 2, 2011BujoldMarchandRhéa1-A1Wife of Roger Bujold
April 16, 2011LachanceGerardNiche-15xHusband of Germaine Carrier
September 10, 2011PrévostJimmy3C-11Son of Patrice Prévost
September 29, 2011DutrisacTrépanierMadeleineCC-7Wife of late Omer Dutrisac
October 11, 2011BeauvaisRaymond3F-6Son of Matilda Beauvais
November 21, 2011SimisDannyLL-9Husband of Suzanne Ouellet
February 1, 2012DagenaisClaudeV-8 Son of Gaston Dagenais and Evelyn Sicard
February 5, 2012GallantLéo-Paul AlphonseV-9Son Henri Gallant and Berthe Ouimette
March 1, 2012BourgelasFernand2G-14 Son of Lucien Bourgelas and Blanche Riopel
March 26, 2012BoulayBernadetteHH-5Daughter of Louis Boulay and Maria Desnoyers
May 26, 2012CarrièrePavanoffMurielC-4Wife of late Léo Carrière
January 4, 2013CarrièreAnatoleZ-1Husband of Alice Gendron
Mach 2, 2013McIntoshAllan3b-14Husband of late Réjeanne Aubin
May 21, 2013LaroucheJean-MarieT-1Husband of Élina Morin
August 7, 2013DagenaisBlouinPierretteV-7Wife of late Lorenzo Dagenais
August 7 2013PerrasAlbert3A-1Husband of late Jacqueline Fortier, Husband of Lorraine Nadeau
August 28, 2013MichaudLavigneAngelineAA-7Wife of Lucien Michaud
March 29, 2014LaroucheDeniseF-1Daughter of late François Xavier Larouche and late Stella Thibeault
April 9,2014BrièrePhilippeW-2Son of late Jean-Baptiste Brière and Late Marguerite St-Jean
June 29, 2014BrunetArthurGG-1Husband of late Gertrude Therrien, Husban of Lucienne Robitaille
February 10, 2015KullmerDurk Paul GeorgG-11
January 6, 2015JettéCamille MarcelBB-1Father of Guy, Daniel and Denis
January 20, 2015MichaudJoseph Ovila3(b) 4Son of Joseph Michaud and Noëlla Beauvais
June 18 2015BujoldRoger1-A1Husband of late Rhéa Marchad
August 8 2015BeauvaisBrièreThérèseW-3Wife of late Arthur Beauvais
August 28 2015MichaudLucien JRAA-7Husband of late Angeline Lavigne
October 20 2015DroletMorinRosaliaV-11Wife of Roger Drolet/
November 30 2015MichaudFernand JosephBB-7Husband of Elizabeth Duguay
December 22 2015PotvinLiseAA-1Daughter of Blandine Tremblay and late Edgar Potvin
April 30 2016RoccaGallantHenrietteV-9Wife of Pat Rocca
May 1 2016CarrièreIsidoreKK-6Husband of Céline Desbiens
May 6 2016CarrièreAlma15-2DWife of Late Lorenzo Carrière
December 24 2016BabichDubéDianeNiche-4Wife of Tony Babich
May 21 2017CarrièrePayantLiseI-3Wife of Late Sylvio Carrière
May 31 2017PitreHenryNiche-17xHusband of late Jeannette Doucet
June 17 2017LoiselleClement2E-16Son of Henri Loiselle and Annette David
October 14 2017JettéRaymondS-1xHusband of Lise Hachey
February 17 2018TremblaySuzieK-3xWife of late Paul Tremblay
June 18 2018SauvéSt-LouisDiane JoanneLL-11xWife of late Jean-Jacques Sauve
July 12 2018McLaughlinJean-MarcGG-7xPère de Francine, Maurice et Chantal
July 17 2018LoiselleDenise Alice2E-16xDaughter of Henri Loiselle and Annette David
July 20 2018BromilowChevalierFernandeN-6xWife of late William Bromilow
December 22 2018PierretteCarrièreMorinNiche 23xWife of Albert
December 27 2018BérubéLevasseurLilianeDD-1Wife of late Eugène Bérubé
February 6 2019AubertinDamasDD-4xHusband of Late Jeannine Mondoux
April 12 2019CarrièreRichard1A-5 xHusband of Cheryl Rumleski
April 15 2019JettéRéjeanBB-3xHusband of Desneiges Michaud
May 24 2019RiouxSylvainM-5xSon of Roger and Gisèle Rioux
July 6 2019ChevalierRolandP-3Husband of late Fleurette Bisson
September 17 2019Carrière Michel1A-5XHusband of Diane Ouellette
Date of DeathNameMaiden NameFirst NameLotSteleAhesHusband, Wife, ChildrenPhoto
December 20, 1938TremblayJoseph LorenzoU-8Husband of Marie Blanche Ouellette
August 20, 1939VienneauDoucetMoniqueZ-6Wife of Yvon Joseph Vienneau
September 6, 1939BergeronCarrierWilhelmineZ-4Wife of Wilfrid Bergeron
February 27, 1940AubertinAnai DamasU-9Son of Henri Aubertin and Marie Joseph Tremblay
January 20, 1940MarchandJoseph Edgar WilfredZ-16Son of Wilfred Marchand and Caroline Burkett
June 30, 1940GervaisSauvageauEmiliaZ-7Wife of Joseph Gervais
January 29, 1941RicardJoseph Jean-ClaudeZ-5
October 13, 1941VienneauYvonZ-18Son of Omer Vienneau and Yvette Bergeron
November 28, 1941AubertinJoseph RaymondT-9Son of Henri Aubertin and Marie Joseph Tremblay
January 11, 1942AubertinCamille HenriZ-17Son of Paul Aubertin and Alice Tremblay
August 5, 1942GervaisBernard Joseph OrigèneZSon of François Gervais and Raymonde Bourgeois
January 30, 1943TremblayMarie Rita AlbertinaZ-19Daughter of Anai Tremblay and Alice Gaudreault
February 7, 1943LapointeLuc MarcelZ-20Son of Lionel Lapointe
May 12, 1943BourgeoisParentAnne-MarieZ-8Wife of Isai Bourgeois
June 2, 1943KirouacAlphondorZ-15Husband of Espérance Bélanger
March 29, 1944KirouacThérèseZ-14Daughter of Alphondor Kirouac and Expérance Bélanger
March 29, 1944SénéchalJosephZ-12Child of Alfred Sénéchal
April 25, 1944LepagePaulineZ-24Daughter of Marcel Lepage
June 25, 1944TremblayEmile LorenzoZ-21Son of Lorenzo Tremblay
September 14, 1944AubertinAndré BenoitZ-22Son of Hormidas Aubertin and Gabrielle Tremblay
October 1, 1944GervaisJosephZ-9Husband of Emilia Sauvageau
July 18, 1947LaplanteErnest RogerZ-23Son of Philippe Laplante
September 20, 1947FortinEdouardZ-10Son of Alexandre Fortin
December 14, 1948AubertinMarieZ-13Daughter of Henri Aubertin and Marie Joseph Tremblay
March 25, 1950BélangerJean PaulZ-25Son of Horace Bélanger and Adrienne Fontaine
April 2, 1950ParentJoseph RaymondZ-26Fils Benoit Parent and Fabiola Goulet
July 10, 1950RodrigueJosephZ-27Baby of Wilbrod Rodrigue and Annette Tremblay
July 11, 1950RodrigueMarieZ-28Baby of Wilbrod Rodrigue and Annette Tremblay
September 28, 1950DuchesneJosephZ-35Baby of Lucien Duchesne and Adrienne Barrette
July 19, 1951GirardinJosephZ-11Husband of Aurore Labelle
April 12, 1952BélangerAgnasU-7Husband of Elizabeth Lavigueur
June 12, 1952FilionJosephZ-42Baby of Paul A. Filion and Laurette Tremblay
September 17, 1952TremblayStanislasU-10Husband of Rose Murray
March 23, 1953TrudelRaymondZ-32Son of Hervé Trudel and Germaine Rochette
April 13, 1953RodrigueMarieZ-29Daughter of Léonard Rodrigue and Bella Bernard
April 21,1953BarretteAlbert EldègeU-6Husband of Lydia Binette
April 26, 1953BergeronJosephZ-33Son of Antonelli Bergeron amd Lucille Pelletier
August 15, 1953 BérubéJoseph RosaireZ-30Son of Albert Bérubé and Adrienne Aubertin
October 2, 1953PatenaudeDavidU-11
October 29, 1953Dancause NoëlZ-38Son of Arsène Dancause and Eliette Bergeron
March 3, 1954TremblayJosephU-12Husband of Mélanie Tremblay
September 24, 1954RodrigueRogerZ-39Son of Omer Rodrigue and Yvonne Ouimette
March 16, 1955GervaisAndrélineZ-7Daughter of François Gervais and Raymonde Bourgeois
May 14, 1955Rodrigue(Anonyme)Z-31Child of Léonard Rodrigue and Bella Bernard
June 27, 1955Bergeron(Anonyme)Z-40Child of Antonelli Bergeron and Lucille Pelletier
June 17, 1956TremblayJosephZ-43Baby of René Tremblay and Monique Murray
January 23, 1957TremblayMarieZ-2Daughter of Paul Tremblay and Rita Ouellette
June 29, 1957GervaisBourgeoisRaymondeN-15Wife of François Gervais
October 13 1957BérubéAubertinAdrienne100Wife of Albert Bérubé
October 18, 1958ParentPelletierEdithZ-3Wife of Ferdinand Parent
March 6, 1959AubertinPaulineP-17Daughter of Paul Aubertin and Alice Tremblay
May 4, 1959TremblayBertrand JosephZ-44Son of René Tremblay and Monique Murray
May 30, 1959RodrigueBilodeauMarianneU-5Wife of Wilfrid Rodrigue
September 9, 1959BergeronBébéZ-48Child of Roger Bergeron and Gracia Fortin
December 6, 1959LachanceLajoieRitaP-22Wife of Aurélien Lachance
March 27, 1960BergeronYvonZ-41Son of Roger Bergeron and Gracia Fortin
May 5, 1960TremblayCoutureAliceN-25Wife of Edmond Tremblay
May 24, 1960AubertinTremblayGabrielleN-20Wife of Hormidas Aubertin
October 31, 1960TremblayMélanieU-13Wife of Joseph Tremblay
January 22, 1961RodrigueJosephZ-47Baby of Omer Rodrigue and Yvonne Ouimette
January 22, 1961HélieRémiT-6Son of Joseph Hélie
April 17, 1961OuelletteMarcelZ-46Son of Richard Ouellette and Céline Murray
June 14, 1962RicardLucP-25Husband of Marie-Anna Régis
March 23, 1963TremblayMichelN-26Son of Joseph Etienne Tremblay and Irène Bergeron
May 2, 1963TremblayMarie-RitaZ-45Baby of René Tremblay and Monique Murray
May 16, 1963DancauseBergeronElietteZ-1Wife of Arsène Dancause
July 19, 1963DuchesneAnonymeZ-36Child of Lucien Duchesne and Adrienne Barrette
March 22, 1964AubéHenriT-7Husband of Rose Lévesque
May 19, 1964CoutureGirardAlidaI-24Wife of Ludger Couture
April 24, 1965DuchesneNinaZ-37Child of Lucien Duchesne and Adrienne Barrette
April 8, 1966BergeronDesjardinsAlbertineJ-25Wife of Wilfrid Bergeron
July 5, 1966AubertinHormidasZ-21Husband of Gabrielle Tremblay
March 23, 1967BélangerHoraceH-22Husband of Adrienne Fontaine
June 17, 1967LachanceMarcelP-23Son of Aurélien Lachance and Rita Lajoie
October 28, 1967 BergeronMarie-JoanneZ-28Baby of Denis Bergeron and Rita Tremblay
June 18, 1968TremblayEdmondN-24Husband of late Alice Couture
January 25, 1969TremblayMarcelT-8Son of Anai Tremblay and Alice Gaudreault
February 14 1969LebelPatriceT-10Husband of Lydia Jean
January 12, 1970RicardRégisMarie-AnnaP-26Wife of Luc Ricard
January 22, 1970GervaisMadeleineN-16Daughter of François Gervais and Raymonde Bourgeois
June 8, 1971OuelletteMathiasT-13Husband of Léonide Leblanc
December 24, 1971BergeronStephanZ-49Son of Gilbert Bergeron
June 29, 1973CoutureRogerL-27Son of Ludger Couture and Alida Girard
September 18, 1973OuelletteGuyZ-50Son of Serge Ouellette and Nicole Lallier
April 5, 1974CoutureLudgerK-27Husband of late Alida Girard
September 9, 1974BergeronManonZ-51Baby of Jean-Guy Bergeron and Léa Dubosq
October 26, 1975TrudelClémentS-5Son of Hervé Trudel and Germaine Rochette
April 17, 1976LévesqueEugèneS-6Husband of Angélina Fontaine
February 6, 1977ParentFerdinandZ-3Husband of Edith Pelletier
June 7, 1977TremblayUlysseS-9Husband of Albertina Tremblay
July 16, 1977TremblayGuylaineS-10Daughter of Léonce Tremblay and Marguerite Parent
August 25, 1977BérubéMaurice0-14Husband of Nicole Martel
June 26, 1978BérubéAlbertS-13Husband of late Adrienne Aubertin
August 9, 1978AubertinJoseph-Henri0-15Husband of Marie Tremblay
October 30, 1979FilionAnonymeZ-52Child of Normand Filion and Gaëtanne Sigouin
January 10, 1980OuelletteSophieZ-49AChild of Serge Ouellette and Nicole Lallier
March 10, 1980TremblayAnaïS-8Husband of Alice Gaudreault
December 6, 1980AubéLevesqueRoseR-6Wife of late Henri Aubé
December 18, 1980TrudelHervéR-7Husband of Germaine Rochette
July 1, 1982DuchesneLucienR-9Husband of Adrienne Barrette
June 28, 1983BergeronWilfridJ-24Husband of Albertine Desjardins
December 21, 1983OuelletteAntoineM-23Husband of Marie-Luce Tremblay
April 9, 1985VallièreDuchesneLucienneR-11Wife of Omer Vallière
May 18, 1985AubertinPaulP-18Husband of Alice Tremblay
March 27, 1986BélangerLéonR-12Husband of Jeannette Bergeron
October 9, 1986BergeronStéphanieJ-22Child of Mario Bergeron and Jeanne D'arc Savard
November 24, 1986OuelletteVitalQ-10Husband of Pauline Tremblay
October 29, 1987DallaireJean-ClaudeL-23Husband of Jeannine Groleau
October 13, 1988OuelletteLeblancLéonideT-13Wife of Mathias Ouellette
January 27, 1991BergeronRogerI-25Husband of Gracia Fortin
April 21, 1991TremblayAlbertinaS-11Wife of late Ulysse Tremblay
February 8, 1992GervaisFrançoisN-17Husband of Raymonde Bourgeois
April 21, 1992TremblayJoseph EtienneM-27Husband of Irène Bergeron
July 14, 1992BélangerBergeronJeannetteR-13Wife of late Léon Bélanger
July 19, 1992OuelletteTremblayMarie-LuceM-22Wife of late Antoine Ouellette
November 12, 1992VienneauOmerP-13Husband of Yvette Bergeron
February 3, 1993AubertinTremblayMarieO-16Wife of Henri Aubertin
March 8, 1993ParentRolandH-17Husband of Gertrude Lavoie-Tremblay
August 24, 1993CoutureFernand AntoineL-26Husband of Georgette Ouellette
October 17, 1993DuchesneBarretteAdrienneR-10Wife of late Lucien Duchesne
February 13, 1994ParentBenoitH-14Husband of Fabiola Goulet
June 18, 1994BergeronPelletierLucilleQ-13Wife of Antonelli Bergeron
August 30, 1994PeekhausHeinrichQ-8Husband of Ruth Peekhaus
July 5, 1995CoutureMichelineL-24Daughter of Ludger Couture and Alida Girard
July 7, 1995RicardFernandP-27Husband of Thérèse Thiffeault
July 17, 1998LachanceAurélienP-21Husband of Germaine Lacroix Néron
August 30, 1998TremblayDenisL-18Husband of Lorraine Dubois
January 4, 1999DallaireLéopoldK-22Husband of Gilberte Dufour
April 1, 1999OuelletteMurrayCélineT-11Wife of Richard Ouellette
May 12, 1999AubertinTremblayAliceP-19Wife of late Paul Aubertin
August 8, 1999MurrayDurandNicoleL-14Wife of Lucien Murray
March 21, 2000DallaireDufourGilberteK-23Wife of late Léopold Dallaire
July 5, 2000TrudelRochetteGermaineR-8Wife of late Hervé Trudel
May 21, 2001BélangerRéjeanP-8Husband of Lorraine Forget
March 26, 2002TremblayBergeronIrèneM-26Wife of Joseph Etienne Tremblay
January 9, 2003DallaireGuyM-25Husband of Mariette Tremblay
October 25, 2003BurroughParentModesteN-13Wife of Robert Burrough
October 28, 2003SigouinBergeronAngèleP-7Wife of Rhéal Sigouin
February 20, 2004BarretteLucienP-4Son of Aldège Barrette and Lydia Binette
August 1, 2004VilleneuveDallaireCharlotteL-22Wife of Gérard Joseph Raymond Villeneuve
September 30, 2004TremblayGaudreaultAliceS-7Wife of Anaï Tremblay
January 24, 2005BélangerFontaineAdrienneH-23Wife of Horace Bélanger
April 13, 2005Pelletier BenoitP-5Husband of Thérèse Benoit
June 28, 2005TremblayPaul RenéL-19Husband of Rita Rose Ouellette
June 29, 2005MurrayArthurL-17Husband of Yvonna Dallaire
December 20, 2005MurrayGillesK-15Husband of Laurette Bergeron
February 20, 2006OuelletteTremblayPaulineQ-9Wife of Vital Ouellette
March 29, 2006LebelJeanLydiaS-12Wife of late Patrice Lebel
May 18, 2006FilionPaul AJ-14Husband of Laurette Tremblay
September 26, 2006VienneauBergeronYvetteP-12Wife of late Omer Vienneau
August 31, 2007BergeronAntonelliQ-12Husband of late Lucille Pelletier
September 5, 2007MurrayDallaireYvonnaL-16Wife of late Arthur Murray
January 13, 2008TremblayLéonceN-11Husband of Marguerite Parent
February 22, 2008DuchesneThomasR-10Son of Lucien Duchesne and Adrienne Barrette
November 3, 2008CoutureMarcelL-26Husband of Chantal Lacasse
June 11, 2009TremblayRenéQ-4Husband of Monique Murray
September 11, 2009RitchieRossM-16Husband of Ghislaine Gervais
October 12, 2009OuelletteAubinGertrudeQ-11Wife of Jean-Maurice Ouellette
December 27, 2010RodrigueLéonardU-5
February 21, 2010TremblayOuelletteRitaL-20Wife of late Paul René Tremblay
August 13, 2010ParentRhéalG-14Husband of Bernice Hermensen
March 26, 2011FilionTremblayLauretteJ-15Wife of late Paul Filion
June 17, 2011TremblayLucienL-19Son of Paul Tremblay and Rita Ouellette
August 3, 2011LapierreAubéRitaR-6Daughter of Henri Aubé and Rose Levesque
September 15, 2011OuelletteOctaveQ-7Husband of Elizabeth Aubin
June 14, 2012ParentGouletFabiolatH-15Wife of and Benoit Parent
September 12, 2012TremblayMurrayMoniqueQ-5Wife of René Tremblay
February 21, 2013LachanceLacroixGermaineO-21Wife of late Aurélien Lachance
September 27, 2013TremblayDanielL-18Common Law of Stephanie Mitchel
August 14, 2013AubertinFlorianP-19Son of Paul & Alice Aubertin
September 18, 2014OuelletteAubinElizabethQ-6Wife of Late Octave Ouellette
November 15, 2014BergeronLucienO-7xHusband of Elise Fortin
January 25 2015FortinAdélard JosephP-11Husband of Myonne Bélanger
May 16 2016AubertinJean-YvesJ-18xHusband of Lise Lamontagne
July 22 2016TrevertonOuelletteLorraine GertrudeQ-6xWife of Don Treverton
July 24 2017OuelletteMariusJ-20xFather of Alain, Ghislain, Guylaine, Pierre, Luc
May 25, 2018Bergeron-LauzonFortinGraciaI-25xWife of Marcel Lauzon and late Roger Bergeron
February 7, 2019RitchieGervaisGhislaine Marie MargueriteM-17Wife of Late Ross Ritchie
February 2, 2020MurrayLucien Raymondl-15Husband of Jocelyne Gendron, Husband of Late Nicole Durand

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